Ep. 34: C-section complications and recovery

Roughly 30 percent of birthing people in the US have a c-section or belly birth. Today’s episode isn’t about judging any circumstances or choices that led to that birthing style but to recognize that even though it is a different birth experience, a c-section can still have plenty of implications for your core and pelvic floor. In this episode, I discuss:

  • Some complications that can come from c-sections
  • Why these problems don’t always show in the data
  • How c-section recovery is often treated differently than other major surgery
  • The three steps you can take to try and resolve them

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If you’re looking for ways to stretch a tight pelvic floor, check out this blog post, which also includes a link to a free pelvic floor exercise video: https://www.kellybryantwellness.com/2020/03/24/kegel-alternatives-for-a-tight-pelvic-floor/ 

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