6 Reasons You Should Be Doing Cardio

Ready to hear the fitness hill I will die on? You do NOT need to run to be healthy or fit. In fact, I wouldn’t even recommend running lots for optimal health or wellness. Running was one of the first mainstream forms of fitness and has been popular for 50+ years, so it comes as no […]

4 Keys to Building Your Own Strength Workouts

I absolutely love building strength workouts. It’s the basis of everything thing I do here at Kelly Bryant Wellness, from personal training to my prenatal and postpartum courses . Figuring out how to nurture, train and move bodies to improve them in some way brings me joy. And because it brings me joy — and for whatever […]

Relieve your Upper Back Pain now!

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately nursing my baby through a growth spurt, and of course, that’s led to some upper back pain and tightness. If you know me or my content, one of the best ways to combat tightness is movement. Especially in a variety of directions. So, it should come as […]

4 Quick Ways To Solve Pinching Tight Hip Flexors

tight hip flexors

If you get a pinching or tight sensation in the front or side of your hips, aka your hip flexors, when you sit cross-legged, or when you’re doing a movement like hugging knees to your chest, this post is for you! When we get tightness in any muscle, it’s a natural reaction to try and […]

Reflecting on 9/11

Today is 9/11. As a millennial, this event is literally part of what defines my generation. We can remember 9/11. What was interesting to me was that this morning, as I was first waking up and stumbling around semi-conscious, I glanced at my watch. 9/11. And the first thing I thought was, “Wow. 18 years. […]

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