Ep. 10: Why running is the hardest thing ever (and how to safely get back into it) w/ Dr. Victoria Sekely

In today’s episode, we’re talking to physical therapist, run coach, and trainer Dr. Victoria Sekely (@trainsmartrunstrong) about why running is such an advanced athletic endeavor, and how to be able to do it without getting hurt. We’re talking about:

  • What you absolutely MUST be able to do in order to safely run
  • Common running injuries and why they happen
  • How to heal running aches and pains (RICE ain’t always it)
  • And why runners just wanna run

If you are a pregnant or postpartum runner (or are thinking about it) this episode is a MUST listen. It’s also just straight-up fascinating even if you’re not a runner. We talk a lot about healing injuries in general, too.

Check Vicky out on IG or her website to join her weekly runner’s strength workshop or get a custom training plan. 

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