Strong As A Mother Postpartum

You’re too busy & important to feel like crap. Heal your core & pelvic floor in less time per day than your partner spends on the 🚽.

My Guarantee: You Will Feel Better, Stronger, And More Pain-Free After 3 Months Or Your Money Back. No Questions Asked.

“Bounce back” is B.S.

Your body was not designed to “bounce back” from birth by your 6-week checkup.  

It’s totally normal for postpartum recovery to require time and care for your core & pelvic floor. Strong As A Mother:Postpartum provides the tools, accountability, and support you need to heal your body. In this fall’s exclusive 6-week lightning round you’ll get a quick and deep dive into core and PF tools to begin to feel better right away. 

And since I know you’re flippin’ busy, Strong As A Mother is entirely digital and designed for the utmost flexibility. I’ll work with you directly to prioritize the workouts and movement habits that will have the greatest impact for you. 

And because nothing happens in a vacuum, we’ll also touch on nutrition, sleep, and other lifestyle coaching topics to help support your recovery.

Are You within 1-2 years postpartum and struggling with:

This program can help!

What If...

You could reconnect to your core and pelvic floor, and also get on a path to doing the running/lifting/whatever workout you love.

You regularly worked out 3-4 times a week without having to modify the workouts?

You had the support of a community of like-minded people going through the same journey?

Your workouts were personalized at a price that didn't make you want to cry?

You had a personal trainer in your corner to answer all of your questions?

Then let's get Strong As a Mother!

Imagine Yourself

Running After Your Kids

With even more energy, and the confidence that you won't hurt yourself or pee your pants from regular activity.

Hitting All Your Workouts

Because they are on average 25 minutes long, live OR on-demand, and fit into your schedule when it works for you (with accountability built in so that you feel supported).

Feeling more confident

Amazed by what your body can do on a daily basis, loving how you feel when you wake up each morning.

Strong As A Mother: Postpartum

Is like your favorite fitness studio


But also with:

Why I created this program

Kelly Bryant headshot

During my first pregnancy in 2018, I was a fitness instructor looking for just a little guidance on what was safe for me to do while pregnant. Like you probably have, I very quickly realized that there was a ton of mediocre and incomplete information regarding the prenatal and postpartum fitness space. Most experts and programs coach you to do what you were doing before you got pregnant, teaching only the bare minimum to modify those things for pregnancy.

What I set out to do is create a set of programs that focused on the birthing person’s body as the baseline, with exercises tailored exactly to your needs, to help foster the best possible outcomes before, during and after birth. My Strong as A Mother: Postpartum program is the culmination of my years of study and research to help birthing people recover in a smart, efficient and pragmatic way. The goal by the end of this program is to have you feeling like you can do any exercise you want, without any of the postpartum worries. We don’t cut corners, because doing it right is better than doing it quickly, and good movement practice is a lifelong investment.

This is NOT a “get your body back” program. We are not hyper-focused on weight loss or aesthetics. This program is about moving and performing with confidence and strength. The best part? When you focus on the process of how you move, those aesthetic results are often a pleasant result.

About me:

I am a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-200) and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT), and a realist. I completed an alignment-focused vinyasa yoga training at Yogamaya New York in 2015, became a Barre instructor in 2017, and began teaching Pilates in 2019. I’m passionate about helping women through every stage of life from prenatal to postmenopausal. Prior to quitting my job to travel the world in 2016, I worked at health & fitness startup, Noom, where I led content and community marketing efforts and soaked up everything I could learn about psychology and behavior change.

What's Included



You get home workouts to follow each week, including yoga, strength, cardio, and more from the online studio.


Coaching Calls

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Available via Zoom, with replays available, your weekly coaching call will dive into specifics behind your workouts, strategies for getting the most out of your sessions as well as mindset work to help you create mental and physical space for the best workout possible.



Inside our Facebook community, you’ll have access to weekly Zoom Office Hours calls, as well as access to all video call replays and weekly check-in posts.

The Complete

Online Studio

On-demand access to hundreds of extra classes with Kelly, if you want something extra or need something custom that week to address an issue you’re facing.

Join Us!

In Strong As A Mother:Postpartum

What REAL Moms Are Saying

The Application


Fill out the application, being as honest as you can. We truly want to make sure this program is going to give you the results you want


Get a confirmation email with helpful information and next steps. We'll review your application and confirm whether you're a good fit for the program within 48 hours.


Receive your acceptance email (please mark as a safe sender) with everything you need to onboard into the program.


Only you can decide that. I have years of experience working with ALL different levels of experience, injuries, and limitations. However, this is a template program. I can offer you modifications for individual movements, but this is not a custom program.

The calls are once a week, for about an hour. As a mother of young kids myself, I try and schedule the calls at times that are traditionally convenient for parents.

I can’t promise specific outcomes (no one can), because we’re all human and every person is different. However, I do guarantee progress. 

You will feel better, stronger, and more pain-free after 3 months with me or your money back. No questions asked. Read more about the guarantee here.

Just the basics: like yoga blocks, blanket, foam roller/massage ball(s), yoga strap, mini loop band, and 1-2 sets of weights or resistance bands. I can provide links to purchase these or suggest items you might have around the house that you can use instead.

While this is not a comprehensive nutrition course, I do offer some coaching in #Moderation365 nutrition. This is an approach to eating that relies on mindfulness and your own unique physiology to help you eat the same on the weekend that you do on Monday.

First, you should always have clearance from your doctor before starting any fitness program. Assuming you are cleared for exercise, I am delighted (in fact, it is my expertise) to work within the constraints of your physical abilities and to dynamically offer modifications as your condition changes. 

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If you have any questions about the program, don't hesitate to reach out.

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