"I had a C-section — now WTF do I do?"

Get clear, actionable steps so you can move from “WTF” to “oh, hells yeah!” after delivering via Caesarean birth. 

Having a C-section can leave you feeling like, “ummm, now what? What is safe for me to do? How do I start to get back to movement?”

Maybe you’ve even had some nagging aches and pains — like low-back pain, urinary urgency or incontinence, or pain with sex — and you’re wondering: “Is this from my C-section? Am I going to be like this forever?”

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re a bad@$$ with no time to be out of commission — you want to get back to moving your body, and you don’t have time to be trying to figure this ish out. 

I have been a personal trainer and yoga teacher specializing in postpartum for years, and I can tell you that the transition back into movement postpartum is especially scary for folks who’ve had a C-section. And most information out there is not super-helpful. 

For a shoulder, knee, or hip surgery, you’d have multiple post-op checkups, physical therapy, and it would be months before you were cleared for regular exercise. Post-C-section though, most people feel like they’re simply thrown to the wolves. 

THAT is why I created this course. This is not an exercise program, but rather a “how do I get back to exercise?” program. In it, you will learn how to breathe, massage your scar, and stretch your body in the weeks leading up to a full-fledged return to exercise. 

You may be weeks, months or years postpartum. Your birth may have been traumatic or exactly what you had planned. And you may or may not be experiencing any symptoms as a result of your C-section. However you’ve gotten here, this course will help you feel confident getting back to whatever movement you love to do. 

Everything you need to know to begin the C-section recovery process.


Reconnect to your breath to lay the foundation for the rest of your postpartum recovery.

Scar massage

Learn how to massage your scar so that scar tissue doesn't prevent your body from moving well.


Move your body in ways that are nurturing and allow you to get back to feeling amazing again.

You'll have instant access to the 3-part mini-course as soon as you sign up, plus 5 daily emails to help you stay on track and get it done.

Everything is clearly and concisely delivered in 8-12 minutes per day, because — hi, we get that you have other stuff going on. This is the ONE course you need to figure out WTF is going on with your post-C-section body.



Learning to breathe diaphragmatically is the first, foundational step toward C-section recovery. In this class you’ll learn why it matters and how to do it. It is safe to begin practicing this nearly immediately postpartum, as long as you aren’t experiencing pain from it.

Scar Massage

The good news is that more and more doctors are teaching their patients about scar massage — yay! — which helps improve the mobility of your core tissues so that they function optimally. But, maybe your doc didn’t, which is why we’re including this topic here. Once you’ve had a followup visit around 6 weeks and been told that your incision has healed well, you’ll want to start practicing scar massage for a few minutes every day.


Ahhhh, the good stuff! Here is where we get to do some really feel good stuff for your shoulders, core, pelvic floor, and hips. First, we’ll be diving into WHY stretching is so important post-op, and then I’ll teach you my favorite stretches for folks who’ve had a C-section.

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    About Kelly

    Kelly Bryant is a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-200), Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT), and Pilates & Barre Instructor. Whew! That was a mouthful.

    After becoming pregnant with her own daughter in 2018, she realized how mediocre most of the info out there about pregnancy, postpartum, and women’s health in general is. So, she set out to learn everything she possibly could. She is passionate about helping women through every stage of life  with her proprietary method integrating, posture, flexibility, exercise, and the nervous system.

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