Daily Habits for Living Pain-Free

daily practices for living pain-free

When you make your bed every day, making your bed is easier.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen that I post a time-lapse video of me making my bed every morning. This is a new habit that I just started building during quarantine when my schedule changed and I was still home […]

How to organize your life to get $*!# done

productivity graphic

I want you to banish the word busy. Seriously, it doesn’t serve any of us to run around feeling like we have too. much. to. do. Instead, I’d love to help you feel productive. When you’re busy, you’re panicked. When you’re productive, you accomplish more because you’ve raised your expectations for yourself. As a result, […]

Why It’s Time to Stop Saying “Should”

“Man, I really should get back into yoga.” “I should go to the gym, but I’m too tired.” “I shouldn’t be eating this, but oh well…” Should crops up in all kinds of sneaky places around our health and wellness, and to be honest, I’m DONE with should. If I had a dollar for every […]

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