People of Color Experience Discrimination from Birth

Samantha Suffich is a doula and the CEO of a non-profit for pregnant women and babies. Her organization helps new and expecting moms at all income levels in her South Florida community deliver and raise healthy babies. From conception, people of color (POC) must fight harder than white people just to get to celebrate their […]

Will Prenatal Yoga Help Me Have an Easier Birth?

I have some bad news for you, momma. Prenatal yoga is not going to miraculously give you the birth of your dreams all by itself.  What Has the Biggest Impact on Your Birth? What many teachers might not tell you is that overwhelming evidence from experts shows that the two factors most likely to impact […]

Homebirth & Prenatal Yoga

We have culturally accepted the idea of “nesting” as a clear sign that a mother is ready for birth. However, many of us are more reticent to acknowledge that there is an innate inclination to give birth at home.  Yet, for millennia and across cultures, women have bedded down in a safe, controlled environment for […]

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