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Resolutions don’t work. We all know it. Yet, year after year — if you’re anything like me — you probably find yourself thinking in November or December, “ya know, I’d really like to get my XYZ together…buttttt now’s not really the time. Maybe I’ll make that my New Year’s Resolution this year.” 

And year after year we go full “screw it” mode for November and December, repent on Jan. 1, and fall right off the wagon by Valentine’s Day. Ya know why? It’s not YOU. It’s because resolutions just don’t work.

You know what does work? Committing to one small daily or weekly habit. Just one! Even though it seems too small and like it won’t matter, you commit. And — what’s more — you commit NOW. Not January 1, when (supposedly) the stars shall align and it’s just going to be “easier” to stick to (it won’t, you know it). You do it now, because if you can do it in November and December — during the holidays, while traveling/hosting, during a pandemic, amidst school holiday closures and schedule changes — you can do it FOREVER.

Prove to yourself you can do it now and gain the confidence of knowing you can do it for a lifetime. 

What is the Resolution Revolution?

The Resolution Revolution is your Holiday Hustle antidote. It’s a container for women of all ages to make, commit to, and be held accountable to create any new wellness habit you choose. 

Whether you want to start a fitness regimen, walk more, drink more water, eat differently, meditate daily, or anything else, this challenge will provide you tools and support to make that change happen (and stick) despite all of the foolishness and mayhem that comes up through the holiday season

What Does the Challenge Include?

What Does It Cost?

Free. Zip. Zero. Free99. And NO, this is not one of those “join my free challenge so I can sell you my services at the end” programs. I guarantee you right now, I will not upsell you at. all. throughout this program. It’s literally just free — my Christmas gift to you. 

If it is within your means and you feel called to contribute, I am offering you the option to additionally make a donation to my annual holiday fundraiser for Mary’s Home. Read more about Mary’s Home and the fundraiser below. 

When Is It?

Cyber Monday, 11/30, through New Year’s Eve, 12/31. Call times will vary to accomodate as many people as possible. 

Sign up by Sunday, November 29 at midnight ET. 

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About Mary's Home and the Holiday Fundraiser

Mary’s Home is a shelter in Stuart, Florida for pregnant, homeless women. Women at Mary’s Home receive support and education in order to birth and raise a healthy child, support their family, get a job, and ultimately move out on their own. Each year, Kelly Bryant Wellness provides Christmas gifts to the women and children in Mary’s Home’s Women in Transition Program.

This program is for women who have graduated out of Mary’s Home and transitioned to their own home after earning an education, completing life skills and parenting classes, securing employment and starting a savings account.  This program increases chances for long term success so women who have a history of abuse/neglect or substance abuse with no positive supports, do not fall back into old habits or relationships.  We supplement their rent as they cannot afford the high cost of living on their starting pay.  In return, they must continue counseling and work on higher education and securing higher paying positions so they will be able to support themselves fully. 

Our program goal is that each woman will become fully self-sufficient.  Each goal she meets furthers her.  No longer living in crisis mode (often the only way of survival these women have ever known) she will pass this new way of life onto her child(ren).  This includes setting & achieving goals, earning a higher education, forming positive connections with the community in which she lives and works. 

This program furthers our efforts empowering these women to break the cycle of generational poverty and dependence she was born into.  It is a transformational program.

This year, it is my goal to support the 4 women and 8 children in the program with all of the gifts on their wishlist, but I depend on your support to do this. 

If you wish to donate without joining the Challenge, you may do so below (note: donations will go to Kelly Bryant Wellness so that I can gather all donations and purchase gifts): 

Your Coaches

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Kelly Bryant Wellness
Kelly Bryant is a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-200) and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT), and a realist. She is passionate about helping women through every stage of life from prenatal to postmenopausal.

A movement coach and lover of all things science at heart, Jordana Edelstein believes you never have to suffer through exercise again. She'll help you discover a joyful, challenging, sustainable approach to movement and exercise that teaches the tools to build physical strength, a confident mindset and the freedom to live with ease.


Live Good, Feel Good
Kerry McGinn is a Holistic Physical Therapist, Yoga Instructor, and Coach. She loves all things movement, mindfulness, and Mother Nature. Through her own personal journey of healing a mystery illness and a severe case of burn out, she has learned a LOT of different ways to nourish herself: mind, body, soul, and nervous system.


Live Good, Feel Good
Im JPB, I'm a Stress-Resilience Coach on a mission to provide alternative and accessible mindcare for women. Translation: I teach practical approaches to actually manage stress. I've created a coaching framework that marries research and real life, blending my background in neurodevelopmental science and personal training to better address stress for those of us who have been told to simply "have less stress" or just "fix your mindset"


Bright Heart Yoga Studio
Dr. Jackie Fenton is Physical Therapist and founder of Bright Heart Yoga Studio - a boutique studio located in Cupertino, California. She loves to share her passion of movement with others. Power Yoga and Meditation has had a profound effect on her life. Growing up, she suffered from back pain from playing competitive tennis. The practice of yoga and meditation helped her bounce back from her injury. Her mission is to change the outlook of healthcare through empowering others to take charge of their health.


Michelle (she/her) is a fitness and nutrition coach who supports folks with integrating behaviors and habits that make us feel good into their everyday lives and shift from diet culture ideals of weight loss to making peace with our bodies and ourselves, and finding joy in our movement and food.


HanaKyle (she/her) is a bodyworker and movement coach, combining massage therapy, yoga, personal training, and more to prioritize sustainability and strength. She specializes in working with people with chronic pain to increase ease and resilience in activities of daily life. She's passionate about the many uses for a tennis ball, in this time when massage therapy is not an option for many, to regulate stress and anxiety. Check out her newest offerings at


I'm Karen James, and have been practising yoga consistently since 2014, and became a teacher in March 2019. Love to teach yoga that is for all body types. I encourage the use of support or props and more importantly that postures are accessible. This year have also started teaching yin and yoga nidra has allowed me to introduce a slower more meditative practice to students and balance out the dynamic yang side of yoga.

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