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  1. Make sure you go join the RECONNECT Facebook page! This is where you will be able to access video replays and community support in this challenge. If you don’t do Facebook, no sweat! You can totally skip it and stick with the emails and live Zoom classes. 🙂 
  2. We would be so grateful if you would like to support our holiday fundraiser for the women of Mary’s Home. Would you like to donate? A donation is absolutely not required to participate, but if it is within your means to give, we are asking you to direct what you might normally pay for a challenge like this as a gift to Mary’s Home.

About the Fundraiser:

Mary’s Home is a shelter in Stuart, Florida for pregnant, homeless women. Women at Mary’s Home receive support and education in order to birth and raise a healthy child, support their family, get a job, and ultimately move out on their own. Each year, Kelly Bryant Wellness provides Christmas gifts to the women and children in Mary’s Home’s Women in Transition Program

This program is for women who have graduated out of Mary’s Home and transitioned to their own home after earning an education, completing life skills and parenting classes, securing employment and starting a savings account.  This program increases chances for long term success so women who have a history of abuse/neglect or substance abuse with no positive supports, do not fall back into old habits or relationships.  We supplement their rent as they cannot afford the high cost of living on their starting pay.  In return they must continue counseling and work on higher education and securing higher paying positions so they will be able to support themselves fully. 

Our program goal is that each woman will become fully self-sufficient.  Each goal she meets furthers her.  No longer living in crisis mode (often the only way of survival these women have ever known) she will pass this new way of life onto her child(ren).  This includes setting & achieving goals, earning a higher education, forming positive connections with the community in which she lives and works. 

This program furthers our efforts empowering these women to break the cycle of generational poverty and dependence she was born into.  It is a transformational program.

This year, it is my goal to support the 4 women and 8 children in the program with all of the gifts on their wishlist, but I depend on your support to do this. 


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