Fix your abs, stop peeing your pants, and get pain-free in as little as 90 days.

My guarantee: You will feel better, stronger, and more pain-free after 3 months or your money back.
No questions asked.

Get back to doing what you love in less time per day than your partner spends on the toilet.

My proprietary protocol combines:

  • Breathing & pelvic floor exercise
  • Core strengthening
  • Posture
  • Rest/Recovery

to truly transform your body — and your relationship with it.

How's It Work?

Weekly Plan

You get homework each week, including assigned classes from the online studio AND simple breathing and core activation techniques.

Custom for You

Direct chat access to Kelly every day to ask your questions and get immediate actionable answers. Plus, get alternate class/ homework suggestions as needed.

Coaching & Accountability

Depending on the program you choose, you will get twice monthly individual or weekly group coaching to be held accountable and help you grow into the rockstar, badass parent you know you want to be.

Live Workouts

Depending on the program you choose, you will get weekly or group live workouts that progress with you over time so you can get back to your favorite pre-baby exercise.

  • Since doing the program I no longer have urinary incontinence, and I feel like that my pelvic floor is strong … I also feel that it has also helped me gain back my sex life after having my little one. I highly recommend the program and feel like this will be beneficial for women at any stage postpartum.

    Morgan D.

    mom of a 3mo
  • This experience was more than I could have hoped for. I had doubts about what could be accomplished in just 2 months in a remote online course… What a difference it made- no more aches and pains, noticeable strength in my core and pelvic floor and visibly improved posture. I have had both pelvic floor PT and lower back PT but trust me when I say these sessions paled in comparison to the knowledge and strength I gained from just 60 days with Kelly. Every mom deserves to feel this good after having a baby.

    Katie L.

  • Kelly is AMAZING! She is very kind, patient, helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable! I did a 60 day program to improve my pelvic floor after having two kids. This has already improved my life so much! TMI ahead: I have stopped leaking urine while sneezing, blowing my nose, or dancing with my toddler! I can’t recommend her enough!

    Amanda G.

  • You can be proactive and help yourself heal if you are dedicated and informed about what is and isn’t “normal.” Kelly is an incredible resource in this area! I couldn’t be more grateful to have learned as much as I have from her. She gives you all the information you need and encourages you to be the best mom you can be, by taking some time for yourself and to heal. This challenge has changed my life, body and mind. I HIGHLY recommend it!

    Alison G.

These aren’t just the “nice” ones! Check out our 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google.

Choose Your Plan

Group program

Registration currently closed
$ 297 for 3 months
  • Weekly home workout plan
  • Chat access to Kelly 7 days/week
  • Weekly 1-hour group coaching call
  • Weekly 1-hour group workout
  • Full access to the online studio, including live & recorded classes
  • Groups begin every 3 months

Join the Waitlist

Digital Personal Training

for people who just need some guidance
$ 180 per month
  • Weekly home workout plan
  • Chat access to Kelly 7 days/week
  • 2x/mo 20-min coaching or workout call
  • Weekly digital check-in w/ video response from Kelly
  • Full access to the online studio, including live & recorded classes
  • Start any time
Most Popular

Hold My Hand Program

when you need that extra attention
$ 360+ per month
  • Weekly home workout plan
  • Chat access to Kelly 7 days/week
  • 1-hour personal training session 1, 2, or 3x per week in-person or via Zoom
  • Weekly digital check-in w/ video response from Kelly
  • Full access to the online studio, including live & recorded classes
  • Start any time

About Kelly

Kelly Bryant is a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-200), Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT), and Pilates & Barre Instructor. Whew! That was a mouthful.

After becoming pregnant with her own daughter in 2018, she realized how mediocre most of the info out there about pregnancy and postpartum was. So, she set out to learn everything she possibly could. She is passionate about helping women through every stage of life  with her proprietary method integrating, posture, flexibility, exercise, and the nervous system.

Kelly Bryant headshot


YES! I have years of experience working with ALL different levels of experience, injuries, and limitations. I’ve worked one-on-one with someone with an above-the-knee leg amputation, an expecting Mom on her due date, and people well into their eighties and as young as their teens. 

It is quite literally MY JOB to create a program you can succeed at and grow through. I promise to meet you where you are and focus on getting you where YOU want to go (not to some imaginary perfect or ideal physique the world says you should have).

Also, keep in mind, that your past results have NOTHING to do with your future outcomes. When it comes to whether or not you will succeed at this, any past failures you may have experienced are not really relevant.

Each group votes on call times, so they work for your schedule. If you miss a call, you can catch up with the recording. 

I can’t promise specific outcomes (no one can), because we’re all human and every person is different. However, I do guarantee progress. 

You will feel better, stronger, and more pain-free after 3 months with me or your money back. No questions asked.

No problem! We will have address any and all tech issues before the program even starts. I am also happy to walk you through any of the apps we use for communication. I strive to make sure that tech issues never stand between you and a great workout.

You do need to have decent-quality internet and a laptop or tablet with webcam or a smartphone. (Most U.S. home internet is perfectly fine! If you are trying to workout on a coffee shop’s WiFi, we might have problems.) For space and equipment, all you need is enough space to roll out a yoga mat and reach your arms out to the sides! The equipment I use is minimal (<$50 and takes up less space than a grocery tote), and I will tell you what you need when you start. This can be purchased through me or independently. 

No. I am happy to make common sense nutrition suggestions and/or to help you use yoga and meditation to observe and work on your mindset around food or weight. However, I am not a qualified nutritionist or dietitian. I am happy to recommend someone who can work with you digitally, though. 

First, you should always have clearance from your doctor before starting any fitness program. Assuming you are cleared for light exercise, I am delighted (in fact, it is my expertise) to work within the constraints of your physical abilities and to dynamically modify your program as your condition changes. 

You wouldn’t be the first!

I believe that we can do valuable work together under almost any physical conditions. I strongly encourage you to maintain your membership through the prenatal period, and use our time together to learn about your changing body and stay connected to it. I am able to modify workouts for pregnancy. 

That said, you and your medical provider have the ultimate say in if or when movement practices are appropriate. If you wish, you may cancel the rest of your program and receive a partial refund for the unused portion.

I have kept this program incredibly affordable for all it offers, because I didn’t want to ask you to pay more than I would have paid myself when I was in your shoes. It’s enough money that if you cough it up, you’ll really do it, but not so much that it’s unattainable for most of you.

If you can afford to online shop, to order takeout, or to get a pedicure, you can afford this program. Period. (If you can’t afford those things, I’d love to talk to you about scholarships. Email me below.)

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If you have any questions about the program or the free trial, don't hesitate to reach out.

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