Postnatal Yoga in Stuart, Florida

We all know about how challenging pregnancy and birth can be. But we don't talk about the realities of the postpartum period. Come take care of yourself, Momma. You deserve this.

Group yoga class in Stuart, FL

Wednesday Postnatal Yoga is Now "Women's Yoga"!

I am always telling women over 50 that they’re STILL postnatal. Even if it’s been a decade or more since you finished having kids, you still have a postpartum body that deserves special attention and care. 

Women’s Yoga, like postnatal yoga, emphasizes women’s pelvic health, as well as common aches and pains like tight shoulders, neck pain and head aches, and low-back pain. Classes are themed around topics relevant to busy women, like self-care, self-love, and building resilience amidst the busy-ness of modern life. 

A safe postpartum workout for your abs and pelvic floor

Your abs and pelvic floor just did A LOT! (No matter how you brought your baby into the world.) They need a little TLC during this sensitive postpartum period. Postnatal Yoga is designed to re-strengthen the abs and balance the pelvic floor to help eliminate symptoms such as: urinary leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti or abdominal separation, pain with intercourse and more. 

For some reason, womankind seemed to decide a few hundred years ago that we couldn’t talk publicly about these issues. That’s not the case at KBW Postnatal Yoga. We’ll openly discuss and find solutions to whatever funky ache or pain is ailing you. 

Eliminate Postpartum Aches and Pains

Pregnancy puts the body through a lot – after all, it basically totally reorganizes your internal organs! But the postnatal period isn’t much easier on the body. All of that sitting, rocking, and feeding can cause shoulder and neck pain, tight hips, and an achey back. Here, we’ll address all of these super-common issues so you can feel amazing again and get back to doing what you love. 

Weekly Classes

Purchasing for a full month is strongly recommended. Space is limited and this allows you to hold your spot for the whole month. Plus, while one yoga class is great, you will see far more benefits from a weekly practice. 

Series begin the first week of the month. By default, monthly series will auto-renew each month until you tell us otherwise. You may cancel for the following month up until 5 days before the end of the month, so you are not locked into a long contract. Non-mobile babies are always welcome, though you do not have to bring your baby with you. 

Sundays 1-2:15PM - Currently enrolling for June

Wednesday 9-10:15AM - Currently enrolling for June

Where We're Located

When you arrive at The Stuart Center, we have a separate entrance. Enter through the gate at the back of the building.

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