Ep. 6: Why You Should Get Strong AF w/ Mark Breedon

This week we’ve got a guest, Mark Breedon of @training.strong.women. Through his Badass Lifter program, Mark helps women level-up their self-identity and step into their strength — not just under the barbell, but in every aspect of life. 

In the episode we get into: 

  • How Mark (a dude) became a fitness trainer for women
  • How to choose a trainer
  • Why strength is so important for women AND why comparison is so toxic. 
  • How to choose a strength goal (and blow your mind about what’s “realistic” for most women)

We also talk specifically about why strength-training is so essential, specifically for parents of little people. (Spoiler alert: Cause it gives you an identity that’s not wrapped up in your parenting skills and kids’ achievements.)

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