Ep. 3: How to Breathe (and Why It Matters)

In this episode we’re going deep (and a little nerdy) into why the way you breathe is so freakin’ important. We’re talking about how it influences stress levels, how that in turn affects your body’s ability to heal postpartum, how pressure in your abdomen can be wreaking havoc on your abs and pelvic floor, and a whole lot more.

But, don’t panic — you can also learn all about how to breathe BETTER, so that you can support healing and overall core and pelvic floor health. Bonus: you’ll feel better, too.

This episode is brought to you by…ME! My RECLAIM Postnatal Group Training Program is the best way for new moms to really get a handle on this whole breathing thing — and how to use it to heal from birth faster and more completely.

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