Ep. 58: [Replay] Late term loss and traumatic birth with Holly

I know, I know with a title like that, this doesn’t sound like the funnest episode. But in all seriousness, my guest Holly is a delight, and I think her story will help provide so much healing. Whether you’ve experienced loss, know someone who has, or just want to understand how to respond if it happens to someone you love, this episode will be really helpful. 

In this replay, we actually update you on Holly’s journey over a year later, and how strength training has helped her meet her goals.

We discuss:

  • Late term loss at 16 weeks, and the strange place that puts birthing people in between typical miscarriage and stillbirth/infant loss. 
  • The unimaginable decisions parents must make, like what to do with a baby that’s miscarried in the second trimester. 
  • Holly’s subsequent pregnancy and birth experience. 
  • The effects of pregnancy loss and traumatic birth on the pelvic floor. 
  • Postpartum preeclampsia and being readmitted after discharge from the hospital.

We also referenced ep. 13 with Brittany and you can click-through here to see Holly’s cross-stitched Starry Night referenced in today’s episode

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