Ep. 40: We’re pregnant w/ Alex Bryant

If you follow me on social media or are on my email list, then you’ve probably heard that I’m pregnant with our second child, so I thought for this week it would be a great opportunity to have my husband, Alex, a.k.a. “Mr. Bryant Wellness” on the podcast. As I mentioned in my email/social announcement, this was not a pregnancy that we were planning on at this moment, and so we wanted to talk in more detail about what that means, and have some honest conversations including:

  • What it’s been like going through the early stages of a “happy little accident” as we’re calling it
  • Issues we faced last time around revealing the sex of our first child, and how we want to handle it this time.
  • How we’re handling the emotions
  • And more

You can find Alex @bastrategies on Instagram and at bastrategies.com 

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