Ep. 36: Your worth has nothing to do with your size w/ Alicia McCarvell

Content Warning: This episode features discussions around disordered eating, rapid weight loss, and body image issues. 

I am so excited to be talking to Alicia McCarvell (@aliciamccarvell), who is a body positivity expert, in this week’s episode. For lots of people, body image and diet culture may be things that you’ve been battling for years. For others, it could be something that is new to you because of pregnancy, childbirth, or even just a global pandemic that upended our lifestyles. And maybe you’ve never battled these things, but know someone who has, and you want to be an ally. In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • Her history with diet culture, extreme exercise, and disordered eating
  • How she realized her worth & health has nothing to do with her size
  • How society often doesn’t ask the right support questions for people who “look” healthy
  • How being a keynote speaker at BodCon is a dream come true and how you can listen to her talk about beach body positivity.

If you’d like to follow Alicia’s journey, you can find her on TikTok and Instagram @aliciamccarvell.

You can learn more about and buy tickets to TheBodCon TALKS: Beach Bodies – A Virtual Pool Party at https://www.thebodcon.com/beach-bodies. It will include a thought-provoking panel discussion (including Alicia!) that will tackle how ‘bikini body’ rhetoric affects us, how to face this potentially damaging communication, and how to promote body confidence now and in the future.

If you’re struggling with how to feel stylish at whatever size you happen to be, check out episode 28 with Judith Gaton.

If you want to better understand how your health habits are better markers of your health than the number on the scale, listen to episode 19 with Kara Troctha.

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