Hey! You! What if i told you:

Doing hard sh*t is your Superpower

KBW Personal Training is the 100% custom solution that fits movement into your life — instead of the other way around. Packages include everything you need to be successful, including 1-on-1 training in Stuart, Florida or via Zoom, access to live classes, on-demand workouts and courses, and accountability.

My guarantee: You will feel better, stronger, and more pain-free after 3 months or your money back.
No questions asked.

you're too busy and too important to not function properly.

I know you. You are the CEO of your life. You schedule the doctor's appointments and call the plumber and buy all the birthday gifts — all while running a business and/or being employee of the year.
But are you taking care of YOU?

How much longer can you keep doing all the things for everyone else if you're not taking care of your own body?

I know you because I am you. I am a type-A working parent and CEO of my own business. I have worked 60+ hour work weeks doing all the things for everyone else and felt what that does to my body. I have also committed to sustainable, targeted movement practices and felt what THAT does to my body. Now it's your turn to find out.

Support at Any Stage

I can help you feel strong, competent, and pain-free in as little as 3 months — within the constraints of your ACTUAL life. (No fairy tale, hour-long, 5x/week, totally unsustainable workout plan).

Can I guarantee that you’re going to be at your “after” in 3 months? NOPE! Every single human body is unique, and I can’t guarantee how long your physiology is going to need to adjust to the training you do. Also, (obviously) everyone has different goals and is starting from different places. What I’m guaranteeing is not a specific outcome, but tangible, measurable progress toward your goals.

With me, you will get 100% personalized training & guidance to help you grow from where you are now to where you want to be – based on YOUR goals, experience, and current level of fitness. 

I specialize in pre-conception, prenatal, postpartum, and postmenopausal training. (And those categories have more in common than you probably realize!) 

Here's what I believe:

  • I believe that my job is not just to give you a program to follow, but also to keep you inspired to keep doing it. If I’m not delivering on both fronts, I’m not doing my job. 
  • I believe that every. single. human. body. is capable of recovering, getting stronger, and getting out of pain. Your road might not look like everyone else’s, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not working or you can’t get to where you want to be.
  • I believe that this shouldn’t (and won’t!) be a grind. You get to enjoy the process; and when you enjoy the process, you’re way more likely to sustain the change. 
  • I believe that there are no quick fixes in this world, but I also believe that 3 months is plenty of time to see change. 
  • I believe that the wins you see along the way will make the process 100% worth it. 
digital postnatal fitness

Convenience matters

Convenience matters. Your preferences matter. I know from firsthand experience, your program needs to fit into your life or you won’t do it. 

That’s why I make sure you can access all of your workouts online so you can work out from home, vacation, work, or wherever. I also train in-person in my home studio in Stuart, Florida, for those who are local to me.

Workouts can be done with little to no equipment — based on what YOU have available.

P.S. Parents, you can absolutely have your kid(s) present while you work out, if needed.

it boils down to this:

What do you believe in?

I believe deeply in the power of the human body — when you challenge it appropriately, the body cannot help but change. It’s in our nature. 

This is why I guarantee your results. I KNOW you have it in you. So if me guaranteeing your results gives you the push to say, “I’m in,” I’ll take that gamble. Every f-ing time. 


Most importantly, you'll know with certainty that you are working with an expert who deeply understands what you're dealing with both physiologically and psychologically.

Join the Waitlist

Personal training is currently open! I am contacting folks on the waitlist in the order in which they joined. If you have not yet joined the list, you may do so below.

    Pricing Options


    $ 360 Monthly
    • 1 50-minute session per week in-person or via Zoom. (May be possible to split into 2 25-minute sessions based on availability.)
    • Full access to the online studio, including live yoga class 1x/week and unlimited on-demand classes
    • Access to KBW courses (prenatal, postpartum, nutrition, and more) as needed
    • Unlimited text support between sessions


    $ 660 Monthly
    • 2 50-minute session per week in-person or via Zoom.
    • Full access to the online studio, including live yoga class 1x/week and unlimited on-demand classes
    • Access to KBW courses (prenatal, postpartum, nutrition, and more) as needed
    • Unlimited text support between sessions

    Small Group Training

    Price TBD Pending group size
    • 1 50-minute session per week via Zoom with a group of peers with similar goals
    • Full access to the online studio, including live yoga class 1x/week and unlimited on-demand classes
    • Access to KBW courses (prenatal, postpartum, nutrition, and more) as needed
    • Unlimited text support between sessions

    Cost & Scheduling Questions

    Currently, available times are:

    • Tues 12-3pm ET
    • Thurs 11am-4pm ET
    • Tues or Thurs 8pm ET (digital only)

    Times are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you have chosen a time, this time is reserved for you alone — no hassling with scheduling every week.

    This is a new offering for me, so we’ll be figuring that out together. If small group training would be your FIRST choice, let me know and I will reach out to the rest of the waitlist to see if there are others who would prefer that option. Please also tell me what times you’re available.

    In the event we do get a group together, please be aware that you will not have the option to reschedule (unless the whole group wants to) around other appointments or travel you may have planned. 

    Of course I understand that sometimes things come up! I appreciate if we can handle schedule changes as early as possible, and I will make every effort to reschedule you within the same week. In the event of a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, the session may be forfeit.

    If you are normally in-person but are stuck at home with a sick kid or away on a trip, I am happy to see you at your normal time via Zoom. 

    In the event that I have to cancel due to an emergency, I will of course offer you options for rescheduling.

    I do not offer refunds/partial monthly fees for unused sessions, unless there are extenuating circumstances, like extended travel away from reliable wifi, etc.

    I am a human, and of course I will treat you as such. Believe me when I say I have made exceptions to the cancellation policy where warranted — especially for my clients who’ve been with me for years. However, my schedule is very full with other clients and my own family as well, so I will maintain boundaries around my personal time and others’ scheduled sessions. 

    One way to think of the occasional missed session is this: I bill on a monthly cadence. If you compare vs. a “per session” punch card and what you’d be paying for 4 sessions per month, it’s like you receive a free 5th session anytime there’s a 5th week in the month! So if you have to miss a session, think of it as being one of the free bonus sessions I’ve gifted you.

    If we miss a session I can also provide a recommendation of an on-demand class from the studio to take instead.

    Every year KBW is on holiday 3 weeks out of the year: the week of Christmas, the week of July 4th, and Martin County School District’s Spring Break week. Sessions scheduled during these weeks are not refunded or rescheduled (again, see above re: “free” bonus weeks). 

    This policy is in place simply because it would be untenable for me to reschedule all client sessions that would be missed for a whole week.

    Any other holidays (Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day) that you or I need to take off will be rescheduled at our mutual convenience.

    Yay! I’m so excited that I can be available to you regardless of where you live!

    I have been training on Zoom even prior to the pandemic, so I am very experienced with working through the screen. If you want to invest in equipment, I am happy to provide recommendations, but I can also work with whatever you have available (or nothing!).

    There is no minimum term! You can cancel for the next month at any point prior to when your auto-pay processes (though I do appreciate as much notice as possible).

    100% of my current clients have been with me 18+ months. I have also worked with clients for as little as 1-2 months to address a specific concern, though I do appreciate if you let me know in advance if your intention is to work together short-term. 

    I get it! I mean, we’re about to be in a very close relationship! I want you to feel confident and ready to commit. Feel free to text me your questions at 772-266-2970, and if we need to schedule a time to hop on the phone we can do so.

    Respond to the email you received letting you know you’re next in line!

    When you're ready to sign up, respond to the email you received saying you were next in line!

    What Real Clients Are Saying

    “I was in pain postpartum that PT and my previous trainer could not pinpoint the problem. I didn’t think you would be able to help based on previous experiences, but you figured out the problem and have helped the pain. I am now 180 from where I was!!!! My biggest accomplishment is being able to bend over!” – Laura H., teacher and mom of 2

    No one ever discussed balancing muscle groups to eliminate pain with me before or showed me how to do it. This cured me.Other trainers gave me exercises I couldn’t do. Kelly found alternatives for me when I didn’t have the ability physically or certain equipment available. She’s extremely good at observing whether I’m doing an exercise properly and coaching me into doing the movement and position right, which is especially impressive through the cell phone. Compared to when I started, I’m pain free. I’m stronger. My posture has improved, and I’ve lost 8 lbs.” – Peter B., retired pilot and competitive water skiier

    As a former Division 1 athlete, I had a very tough time getting out of my sedentary habits once I had my second child. I was wonderfully surprised to find that not only have I been focusing on areas that were affected by my pregnancies, but also focusing on the whole body in a way that I haven’t since leaving college.  My strength is coming back, but also, I love the education Kelly gives on what has been happening to our bodies while pregnant and after!” -Brittany D., lawyer and mom of 2

    “I started the Program six weeks postpartum. I had heard from many friends that restoring your pelvic floor and doing pelvic floor rehab is very important. When I started I was having still discomfort after delivery as well as some urinary incontinence and a weak abdominal wall. I feel like the program has helped me regain back that strength as well as confidence. Kelly is also great at answering all of your questions and has extremely helpful suggestions to help make life better. I feel like this is something that a lot of us don’t talk about after having a baby and it is helpful to go through this program and to be able to share with one another things that all of us are going through. Since doing the program I no longer have urinary incontinence … I also feel that it has also helped me gain back my sex life after having my little one.” – Morgan D., Physician’s Assistant and mom of 1

    About Kelly

    Kelly Bryant headshot

    Kelly Bryant is a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-200) and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT), and a realist. She completed an alignment-focused vinyasa yoga training at Yogamaya New York in 2015, became a Barre instructor in 2017, and began teaching Pilates in 2019. She is passionate about helping women through every stage of life from prenatal to postmenopausal. Prior to quitting her job to travel the world in 2016, she worked at health & fitness startup, Noom, where she led content and community marketing efforts and soaked up everything she could learn about psychology and behavior change.

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