Regain your strength.
Reclaim your confidence.

My guarantee: You will feel better, stronger, and more pain-free after 2 months with me or your money back.
No questions asked.

What I Do

mom has better mobility from yoga and stretching

I help people reconnect to their core, regain their strength, and reclaim their confidence, so you can get back to being YOU.

Losing strength and mobility can radically shake your identity. You question what you can safely do, if you’re going to hurt yourself, and if you’ll ever be the same again. 

Whether you’re a new mom embarrassed of leaking or you’re 60+ and struggling to maintain your balance and flexibility, I can help.

How I Work

Kelly Bryant Wellness uses yoga, Pilates, and other exercise modalities to help you accomplish your fitness goals. But beyond just teaching you to exercise, I also layer in the mental and emotional support you need to overcome the hurdles that stand between you and your biggest goals.

I offer in-person in Stuart, Florida and online group fitness classes, workshops, and private training. All services can be made safe for prenatal and postnatal women and those recovering from injury. I will gladly work with your doctor, PT, or other practitioners to provide integrated support. 

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You Only Get This One Body

new mom strength and fitness

We’re all busy. As a mom and business owner I get that on the deepest level. However, you only get this one body to see you through life’s storms. If you take care of it, I promise it will take care of you. I don’t do guilt and shame. I want to help you learn to take care of yourself because it feels goooooood, not because you think you have to or “should.” Take ownership of your wellness. 

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