Wobbly Knees and How to Fix Them

If your knees ache when you walk, run, or jump, there’s a fair chance you’ve got wobbly knees — I know, that’s a highly technical term. Knees that don’t track forward when bending can be a result of weak hips, feet, thighs, or any combination of these — and probably all of them. Often this […]

Everything You Need to Know to Set (and Achieve!) Life-Changing Goals


‘Tis the season for resolutions. And rather than indulge my inner curmudgeon and tell you about the horrible retention rates of New Year’s resolutions, or suggest that once-a-year goal-setting is meaningless for creating permanent change, I want to encourage you to just GO FOR IT and give yourself some crazy-ambitious goals for this year. And, […]

Food, Dieting, and Your Pelvic Floor

christmas cookies

Let’s just say it: This is not the season to be on a “diet.” Whether you’ve decided that you’re just going to cheat for the next two days (or two weeks) before you restart your diet, or if you’re trying to white knuckle your way through eating healthy all holiday season, you might need to […]

The “but why” of goal-setting

Without a compelling “why” we simply don’t make the lifestyle changes necessary to accomplish hard things. Your “why” is kind of like a goal. But, the way most of us think about goals is usually as a measurable physical outcome – like losing 15 lbs. or recovering a diastasis recti (DR). Your “why” is the […]

Low-Back Pain & Herniated Discs: What You Need to Know

According to a 2009 study, there is no correlation between seeing a herniated disc on MRI and having low-back pain. Yes, you read that right. You can have low-back pain with no herniated disc. A herniated disc with no low-back pain. Or both a herniated disc and low-back pain that have nothing to do with […]

Stop “Listening to Your Body”

Your body is a liar. It’s not its fault, though! And it doesn’t mean any harm. It just doesn’t know better. As a teacher, the instruction, “listen to your body,” is one of my biggest pet peeves. It’s not that I don’t want you to listen to your body – it’s just that I don’t […]

“Is this going to make me lose weight?”

This question is the one that makes me most uncomfortable as a coach and trainer. (And maybe not for the reason you think…) Let me tell you how I usually respond, and then what I really think on the topic. Want to work with me on wrapping your head around improving your relationship with your […]

Do B- Workouts

So many people disqualify themselves from fitness because they don’t think they can do it perfectly. The mentality is, “If I can’t run a 7-minute mile, why get on the treadmill at all?” Or, “If I can’t touch my toes, I don’t belong in a yoga class.”

Want to spend time with more positive people? Start by looking in the mirror

I have a little social experiment for you to try: Next time you start to complain about something, notice how the person you’re talking to responds. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that if you complain about how much it’s been raining, the grocery store cashier you’re talking to is not […]

What’s your goal, really?

If I ask clients, “What do you hope to accomplish with your fitness?” the answer is usually something like: “I want to lose X lbs.” “I want to get rid of this belly pooch from having my babies.” “I want to be more flexible.” However, when people tell me any of these things, I don’t […]

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