Is Hot Yoga Safe During Pregnancy?

A quick Pubmed (the online database of published research articles) search for the term “hot yoga, pregnancy” yields exactly two results. For perspective, almost everything I’ve ever searched yields dozens if not hundreds of hits. So, while there’s lots of research on prenatal yoga, its safety, and benefits, there isn’t a lot of evidence on […]

Props for Prenatal Yoga

The strictest yogis are staunchly anti-prop — that’s how it would have been done in ancient India, they say. I, on the other hand, am firmly pro-prop even for a general yoga class. And in my opinion, props are absolutely vital for prenatal yoga. I’m assuming you already have a yoga mat, but here’s what […]

Kegel Alternatives for a Tight Pelvic Floor

Just like any muscle in your body, your pelvic floor can be too loose OR too tight. While many women worry about being too lose (hypotonic) and kegel like crazy, as much as 40% of postpartum women are actually too tight (hypertonic). These pelvic floor stretches are great for when you are hypertonic and need […]

Is Prenatal Yoga Better Than Regular Yoga for Pregnant Women?

legs up the wall during prenatal yoga

You want the quick version of this blog post? Yes. Phew! Now that’s all set, we can go back to what we were doing and I can save myself a few hundred words. Have a nice day, and book prenatal yoga right here. Oh, you wanted to know “why?” Oh, sure I can tell you […]

Will Prenatal Yoga Help Me Have an Easier Birth?

I have some bad news for you, momma. Prenatal yoga is not going to miraculously give you the birth of your dreams all by itself.  What Has the Biggest Impact on Your Birth? What many teachers might not tell you is that overwhelming evidence from experts shows that the two factors most likely to impact […]

Conquer Pregnancy Brain with Prenatal Yoga

pregnant mom and toddler

Honestly, being pregnant can be crazy-making. If you feel like your moods are all over the place, you’re not yourself, or you just feel less than 100% enthusiastic 100% of the time, you’re not alone!  Prenatal Yoga Creates Community Prenatal yoga provides a community and an outlet for concerns around pregnancy, birth, and “WTF I’m […]

What the Heck Is a Kegel and Should You Do Them?

female pelvic muscles

What is a kegel? Simply put, a kegel is an engagement of the pelvic floor muscles. It has been found through substantial research to be effective at curing or improving urinary incontinence. There is also ongoing research into kegeling as a treatment for pelvic organ prolapse.  Kegel 2.0 vs. “Kegeling” Before we go further, I […]

The Fascinating History of the Kegel

Arnold Kegel headshot

Ah, the kegel. Easily, the most widely known women’s health exercise in the world. (Not a bad reputation, considering that they’re entirely invisible to the casual observer.) Maybe I’m the only uber-nerd who deeply needed to know where the kegel came from. Or, maybe you’re oddly interested, too? I dove into the depths of the […]

Have a better pregnancy thanks to the benefits of prenatal yoga

benefits of prenatal yoga during pregnancy

If you’re currently pregnant, you don’t need me to tell you that the pregnant body is constantly changing. One day you wake up and your nausea is gone but suddenly you have heartburn. Another day you abruptly have varicose veins. The benefits of prenatal yoga include helping with all the little (and big) aches and […]

What Is Prenatal Yoga and Do You Really Need It?

prenatal yoga class

When I say prenatal yoga, most people assume I mean one of two things. Either they think of pregnant ladies with huge bellies doing crazy handstands and backbends. Or they hear “prenatal yoga” and think gentle, easy, stretching class. In reality, prenatal yoga isn’t either of these things. What is prenatal yoga? Prenatal yoga is, […]