Kegeling isn’t working! What am I doing wrong?

My clients have 99 problems, and I would say about 87 of them have to do with kegeling. Questions around “I can’t get my pelvic floor to engage at all,” or “I’m doing my kegels daily but I still have urinary leaking,” are some of the most common questions I get. First, let’s start with, […]

Diaper rash, potty training, and what it could mean for pelvic health

Disclaimer: I am positing my own theories here about the connection between childhood potty training and adult pelvic health. I do not want to be alarmist and make you think you’ve scarred your child for life. I do not have research to suggest anything of the sort, but I want to invite you to think […]

4 Secrets to Smarter Stretching

It’s hard enough to make time to exercise – stop wasting it doing a stretching routine that’s not effective! Here are 4 ways you can immediately make your stretching more effective: Lighten Up If you’re pushing so deep into your stretches that you’re sweating and holding your breath, you’re too deep! If you’re pushing really […]

The “but why” of goal-setting

Without a compelling “why” we simply don’t make the lifestyle changes necessary to accomplish hard things. Your “why” is kind of like a goal. But, the way most of us think about goals is usually as a measurable physical outcome – like losing 15 lbs. or recovering a diastasis recti (DR). Your “why” is the […]

Why It’s Time to Stop Saying “Should”

“Man, I really should get back into yoga.” “I should go to the gym, but I’m too tired.” “I shouldn’t be eating this, but oh well…” Should crops up in all kinds of sneaky places around our health and wellness, and to be honest, I’m DONE with should. If I had a dollar for every […]

What Do You Do About Tight Hips?

When it comes to our anatomy, most of us know that we’ve got glute muscles, and that’s as far as our knowledge of our hips goes (if even that). However, if you suffer from “tight hips,” chances are, it has nothing to do with your glutes being too tight. One of the most common causes […]

Low-Back Pain & Herniated Discs: What You Need to Know

According to a 2009 study, there is no correlation between seeing a herniated disc on MRI and having low-back pain. Yes, you read that right. You can have low-back pain with no herniated disc. A herniated disc with no low-back pain. Or both a herniated disc and low-back pain that have nothing to do with […]

Stop “Listening to Your Body”

Your body is a liar. It’s not its fault, though! And it doesn’t mean any harm. It just doesn’t know better. As a teacher, the instruction, “listen to your body,” is one of my biggest pet peeves. It’s not that I don’t want you to listen to your body – it’s just that I don’t […]

“Is this going to make me lose weight?”

This question is the one that makes me most uncomfortable as a coach and trainer. (And maybe not for the reason you think…) Let me tell you how I usually respond, and then what I really think on the topic. Want to work with me on wrapping your head around improving your relationship with your […]

Do B- Workouts

So many people disqualify themselves from fitness because they don’t think they can do it perfectly. The mentality is, “If I can’t run a 7-minute mile, why get on the treadmill at all?” Or, “If I can’t touch my toes, I don’t belong in a yoga class.”