Let's NOT Start a New Diet this January 1st

Resolutions season is right around the corner. Have you already started thinking about what “naughty” choices you’ll need to atone for come January 1st?

The ironic truth of it is that resolution season only exists because of the indulgent holiday season … which only happens as a direct result of the past year’s diet attempts. It’s all a never-ending cycle — but it doesn’t have to be this way!

What if we didn’t have to feel like this year after year, cumulatively tacking on an extra 3-5 lbs every holiday season? What if we got to feel good about our food choices on Thanksgiving AND could feel the same freedom around food that we do on Thanksgiving every day of the year? (And no, that doesn’t mean bingeing on Christmas cookies yearround!)

If you constantly find yourself in a cycle of dieting and then regaining weight, it’s time to stop. Weight cycling in not benign and has a harmful effect on our metabolism — to say nothing of its emotional weight. 

That’s why I created Ditch the Diet Drama. This program can help you focus more on enjoying your meals, and less (tbh, none) on counting calories, macros, or points while still eating well and fueling your workouts.

From November 23rd to 29th, I’m offering access to this course, regularly $99, for just $59 with code BlackFriday22.

What is Ditch The Diet Drama?

Ditch the Diet Drama is my 6-week, self-guided course, based around the principles of Moderation 365. DDD gives you tools and tips to understand and shift your relationship with food.

We cover:

What This Program is NOT

Ditch The Diet Drama is for you if:

This program is probably NOT for you if:

Ditch The Diet Drama

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  • Weekly Video Lesson
  • Weekly Homework That Helps You Repair Your Relationship with Food
  • Weekly Self-Evaluations Help You Track Your Progress and Identify Your Areas for Improvement.
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