Ep. 13: Not Your Mama’s HELLP syndrome and miscarriage stories w/ Brittany

This show is all about having difficult and honest conversations about pregnancy and parenting, and my conversation with Brittany Dewire is exactly that. In this episode Brittany shares:

  • How they ultimately delivered TWICE without Pitocin, despite preeclampsia and subsequently being considered high risk. 
  • What having HELPP Syndrome actually felt like postpartum.
  • A masterclass on how to hold space for someone who has lost a pregnancy.
  • Lessons on how our relationship with our parents influences the way we handle trauma.
  • How to handle the fallout when your perfectly planned life doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Their story is so generous and I cannot thank Brittany enough for taking the time to share it. If this story resonated with you, please take a moment to share it with a friend.

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