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You probably already know what you "should" do to accomplish your fitness goals. Let's bridge the gap between wanting to take care of yourself and actually doing it. No guilt, no frustration, no giving up.

What I Do

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Let me guess: This isn’t the first time you’ve started a fitness program. Maybe in the past, you got overwhelmed with all the things you thought you were supposed to be doing, you didn’t make the time and space you needed to create change, you didn’t really know what to do, or you just plain needed an accountability partner.

I can help you with all of that (and more). Let me show you what to do, how to do it, and – most importantly – how to actually make it stick. My teaching is simple, accessible, and supportive. I’ll be teaching you howtotakeaflippinbreath rather than how to stand on your head. (Unless, of course, standing on your head is your goal. In which case, let’s talk!) 

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How I Work

Kelly Bryant Wellness uses yoga, Pilates, and other exercise modalities to help you accomplish your fitness goals. But beyond just teaching you to exercise, I also layer in the mental and emotional support you need to overcome the hurdles that stand between you and your biggest goals. I teach group fitness classes, lead workshops and events, offer private training in-person and online, and provide an online studio.

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You Only Get This One Body

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We’re all busy. As a mom and business owner I get that on the deepest level. However, you only get this one body to see you through life’s storms. If you take care of it, I promise it will take care of you. I don’t do guilt and shame. I want to help you learn to take care of yourself because it feels goooooood, not because you think you have to or “should.” Take ownership of your wellness.

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